vol. xxxi call for editors

Historical Discourses is an annual open-accessed peer-reviewed undergraduate academic journal based out of McGill University. It serves as a scholarly forum for undergraduate students at McGill to critically engage with a range of intellectual and public debates through historical inquiry.

We are looking for passionate, creative, and dedicated students to join our editorial team. Please submit an application to be considered as an editor; a position through which you will assist in creating the final product that is Historical Discourses!

The editorial collective works closely with the Editors-in-Chief to select papers for publication, and with the authors for technical editing. You will also be assisting in organizing fundraisers, working alongside the HSA executives, and helping organize the year-end launch party for the journal!

For those interested, please email, with (1) your CV, (2) a cover letter that expresses your interest in history and editing (approx. 250 words) and (3) a writing sample (preferably a history paper of sorts). We additionally invite applicants to self-identify. 

The application is due Wednesday November 9th at 12:00am, and we can’t wait to hear from you!